Monday, September 22, 2008

still no quilting

Today I started working in a spare bedroom that I had used for my business. If I thought cleaning out my sewing room was hard, this room was much harder. I have boxes upon boxes of dyed fabric and patterns and books. UGH! I think I may put them up on Ebay when we get settled.

I have got to find a home for lots of booth items. I have 4 tables, display racks, book racks, pattern holders and a cash register. Not to mention 3 giant Rubbermaid boxes holding my dyes. I have managed to convince myself I don't have to keep ALL of my dye room set up. I am going to donate some of it to a lady here who is starting to dye.

I am ashamed of the purchased fabric (not hand dyed) that I have. I have stated before I am the kind of person that if I can't see it I forget about it. I feel like a squirrel with nuts. I have found fabric tucked here and there all over my house. It is sad!

I told someone once that when we moved to this house the packers came and asked me if I wanted to move all of my fabric with me. After I told them yes and they looked at me quizzically I asked why they asked me such a question. One of the ladies looked at me and said, "there is just so much". Well honey I hope those same two ladies don't pack me this time because I have LOTS more now. I really didn't have much then. I packed it all in three 18 gallon size Rubbermaid before. I won't embarrass myself in telling you how much it is this time, but believe me it is a lot more. Besides all of that I have too much hand dyed fabric too. I have had clearance sales and so I will keep what is left, but it is more than any human should have.

Then we come to books, not just quilting books, but mysteries, biographies, historical, comic, religious studies, childrens. We have as many books as some small town libraries. I tried to get rid of some but have a very hard time. All of my children love to read so it is hard to release the books my kids enjoyed so much, but there are just so many of them. Even after they came to the house and took with them the ones they wanted, I still am faced with Dr. Seuss, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown and Doc Savage.

I told my husband the other day we need to decide where we are going to retire and build a home with a library, a sewing room, and a workroom for him. Actually build it to accommodate the way we live instead of trying to make a bedroom into a workroom or sewing room. But then that would mean moving again...maybe I can make do with what I have!



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