Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank you for the support

After the last post I have had emails and phone calls telling me I could make it through this move, to just hang in there. I appreciate every one of the calls and emails. I was having trouble sleeping and my sadness of leaving my two older children in Alabama was affecting my ability to think clearly.
I went to lunch with one of my friends and came home with a much better spirit.
Thank you friend! It is going much better now.

My oldest son has come over several times to help his dad with heavy stuff. He was here tonight and we were able to go through his former bedroom. He had left some stuff when he moved out and we sorted through to see if there was anything he still wanted. There wasn't much but he found a couple of books and lots of Legos he still wanted. Not only did my children read any and everything they could put their hands on the boys LOVED Legos. We have LOTS! He said he might be 25 years old, but Legos are still cool. That made me smile.

Tomorrow he will be back to help his brother and dad clean out the storage building out back. That will be the last big job and after that we only have to sort through papers in the roll top desk and we will be FINISHED!
YAY! :^)

I managed to hurt my back again today because I am impatient. I thought my son was taking too long to come back to help me move a heavy box and picked it up myself and immediately knew I had messed up. :^(
So I am back on muscle relaxers and pain pills. Maybe I will be better tomorrow.


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Paula said...

Yep, J keeps reminding S that those are "his Lego's" and "you can play with them, but they are mine".....

Don't hurt yourself!!! You have so much to look forward to over the next few weeks....unpacking!!! LOL
Hugs, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.