Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You asked for it!

Anyone who has known me for more than a day, no make that an hour knows I usually just talk and worry about what I have said later. These same people also know I am not a stranger to being wrong. I don't have a problem with being wrong, but I would rather be right.

As I was at guild meeting yesterday, we were looking at show and tell.

Someone in the audience asks the name of the block, and when no one answered I offered "it's shaded nine patch, 4 blocks to make the design" At once I am disagreed with. Not a problem, but I know I am correct, so I say yes it is. Again she disagrees with me, and here is where I should have put my hands over my mouth , I looked at her and said "Yes, it is!" not loud, not rude, not even in a mildly raised voice, but with confidence.

Why do I feel the need to be right at this point? Why didn't I just shut up? I do not know, but I didn't. Next question is why didn't she feel the need to stop? I don't know but she didn't either. It was like children taking over, "I'm smart your dumb", "nu-uh! I'm smart and your dumb" Can you hear them on the playground? LOL UGH!

After years of serving as Workshop Chairman at the guild I have had opportunity to get people to teach many classes and in doing that was able to take most of these classes. One of them being a scrappy class taught by Karen called Shaded Nine Patch. This was the block she taught, so that is how I came up with the name.

I got home and looked at pictures of my quilts and googled shaded nine patch and came up with a link and shared it with the guild email list. Honestly I was not trying to be as pot stirrer, I was really trying to help the person who had asked the name of the pattern. Now I am getting emails from the other child on the playground still disagreeing. Really I don't care anymore, we can stop this. Call it whatever pattern you like.

Now if you look at this pattern and come up with another name you can let me know. I promise I won't argue with you, I may call you a name though. LOL


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