Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reader or listener or neither?

I am curious. I have always been curious. When I was a child I was told it was nosey to ask so many questions. I just like to hear what other people think. I don't usually change my way of thinking if someone has a different opinion but I still like to know.

Like do you like to read? What do you read? Books? Magazines? Bible? Poems? Fiction? Mysteries?

Would you rather read these things or listen to them on tape/CD?

Do you listen to music? What kind do you like? Classical? Country? Rock? Gospel? Show tunes?

I like to read, but I am a very slow reader. I read about the same speed that I talk and that is slow. I like to listen to books on CD so I can do other things while I listen. Like sewing, I like to either have a book or music going it seems to keep me from being so ADD and I stay on task better. I don't know why it just does.

If I am driving a long distance and I am alone in the car I MUST have a book, otherwise all I think about is how much farther I have to go and how tired I am of sitting in the car and all the idiot drivers that must have got their drivers licenses from the local K-mart.

If I am just running errands I listen to music. The very first thing I do when I start the engine is turn on the A/C then the radio. When my children were growing up the number one rule if they were allowed to sit in the front seat was DO NOT touch my radio! My two boys never had a problem with that rule, but for some reason my daughter never seemed to understand that one (or a lot of others for that matter).

I just finished a book by David Baldacci called Total Control. I had never heard of him until we moved to Florida. One day when I was looking through the local library I noticed several books on CD by him so I grabbed one to try. I love a mystery. I love to try and figure out who is doing the bad stuff and why before the end of the book. I have now listened to three of his books and he writes in such a way I NEVER figure it out before the end. I will be getting more of his books.

I do not like gore. I don't like a book where a woman is abused a child is hurt or there is graphic descriptions of death. I think that is why one of my favorite authors is Agatha Christie. I just love Miss Marple. I also like Lillian Jackson Braun, she wrote "The Cat Who..." books.

I love music. My favorite is country. I was raised with country and still love to listen to all the songs I grew up on. Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, Johnny Horton etc.

I listened to rock music as a teen, but it didn't stick. I didn't like all the "noise". It seemed like everyone one just wanted to play louder and faster than the next one so I didn't carry it to my adult days. I do like some older Pop/Rock stuff like Chicago, and Billy Joel, you know the stuff you hear all the words (I am a slow hearer too, I guess).
I can listen all day to George Strait.

I listen to southern gospel music too. I like older stuff like the Cathedrals, pre 2006 Gaither Vocal Band, Greater Vision.

I like quiet too. First thing in the morning, I like to open the window and sit with my beverage of choice (Coke or Milk Coffee) and listen to the sounds God is giving me. Before we moved here all I could hear was cars as they zipped by. Now I live is a very quiet neighborhood with lots of bird. I love to see and hear the Sandhill Cranes as they pass by. I like to hear the breeze go through the palm trees. Then the pool filter starts and I hear the gurgling of the water as it passes over the water fall from the spa to the pool.

Sandhill Crane on my driveway

What do you like? I'm curious.

Off to the doctor's office..I'll take a book.


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Paula said...

Hmmm....too many questions to answer in a comment. Maybe I'll have to answer in a blog post!! Guess who has tickets to see George Strait?? Yep, I do....