Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are you thinking about it?


Can you believe it is so close? I am having a hard time believing it is almost here.
I have been thinking lately about what I would like to buy my family for their presents.

I hate giving gift cards but I think at the stage of life my children are in they would appreciate and could use that more than anything. Not so fun, but useful.

My husband on the other hand I have thought of several things I would like to get him. Of course I can't put it here since he sometimes reads my blog.

My list...I have some things I would like. I have wanted a Digital Velocity Iron since a my friend Joanne got one. I love to iron, but only when my iron has lots of heat and tons of steam.
Joanne has the DV 95 and I tried it last year. It has both!

I would love to have a sewing table that is sturdy and heavy. Right now I am using a 2' x 4' adjustable height table I bought for my business. It is great, but if I am sewing fast it bounces. I would LOVE to find an old teachers desk and have it fitted for my machine. That would be perfect! I have looked at sewing tables sold in the local quilt shops but man they have a big price tag.

What is on your list?


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Leslie said...

Well, I'm not sure what I want but I've already made flannel rag quilts for both of my children and I'm very pleased with how quick they were to make!