Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1st

Finished! We are completely out of the lease house. Ray said we had until midnight last night to be out and we finished at 11:04 pm. Goodness we were tired. Ray had some men from work come help him move my giant armoir from the livingroom and than one came back last night to help him with the washing machine, but other than that we did it all. We made about 50 trips in our truck (not exagerating) to get everything over here. I am so thankful it is finished.

Today we are doing absolutely NOTHING! Well we are going to go get something to eat in a bit, but other than that I am not moving from my recliner!

We have noticed this house has more square footage, but it has almost no storage space. I think the difference is the bedrooms are larger and there is an office. We all three talked about it and decided we are going to cull again. We still have too much stuff and we are not using everything we have, so off to Goodwill or Free cycle.

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