Monday, October 19, 2009


I was able to get some work done in my sewing room. As you can imagine even though I have the same square footage in the room, nothing will fit like it did in the lease house. The closet is smaller and has these shelves that are meant for clothes (of course) and so not much good for my fabric. Ray said he could take the one on the right down so I can fit the other black shelf.

To the left of the closet is a recessed area that I am using now for my dyeing supplies.

I only had to load and unload and reload the book shelves a total of four times to get them in the best places. Oh my aching back! I really need to get rid of some books.
I replaced the lights with my daylight bulbs and everything is so bright and cheery. The way everything is laid out now I will have one whole wall for a design wall. That may be overkill, but I have always wanted a whole wall so I will give it a try.
More pictures when I get the quilts on the walls.

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