Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm still alive!

But barely! Nah, I am fine, just still working night and day trying to unpack everything and fix things we are finding that are broken.

I tell you, that Mr. that we bought the house from sure was sneaky. We paid for so much stuff that was good enough to pass inspection, but really needs to be replaced. GRRRR!

We have already had the kitchen faucet replaced, the bathroom shower needs a new shower head, the instant on water heater is flaky, the dryer (that I didn't really want, but he wouldn't sell the house without it being included, the washer also) only works on two settings, high heat and fluff. UGH! Two ceiling fans MUST be replaces ASAP since they make so much noise you can't sleep in the same room with them.

I'm only telling this because I think people should be aware that not everyone in the world is honest. I think Mr. was afraid we were going to try and steal the house from him so he tried to cover all of his bases to keep as much money as possible. I understand him and his fear, but I am upset I am having to foot the bill to repair things I will be paying for in my mortgage payment each month FOR YEARS! No one item is a whole lot of money, but you put them all together and it is a chunk of change.


Do you remember when I said we were starting to have cooler weather? Well I lied! We have been having record breaking heat for over a week now. UGH! It has been anywhere from 92* to 95* everyday and NO rain.

Oh well I can't do anything about any of the things I have fussed about today so I might as well hush!

We (Joseph and I) are going out for pizza tonight. Ray had to go to West Palm Beach for a meeting in the morning so we are able to eat whatever we like and not feel guilty.




Judi said...

are you going to the pizza place on Cortez that has all you can eat pizza fairly cheep? It's so good. Sorry you are having to replace so many things, my daughter just moved and she foind stuff in the dishwasher, in all the bathroom cabinets, and also in the the kitchen cabinets, she can't figure why so much was left not. Maybe when I go on vacation next month the temps will still be good.

Linda said...

Just complaining about the things makes one feel better.