Friday, October 2, 2009

I knew it would happen...

I knew this day would come, but didn't know when. For the first time Ray actually realized how much "stuff" I had in my sewing room. Oh man!

Since this was not a company move but a personal one we moved ourselves. Which means every box that was packed and removed from the house Ray handled. On about the third truck load (all from my sewing room) he said to me in his most authoritative voice "If you ever ask to stop at another quilt shop or fabric store I am going to just pass on by." Then he said " I used to think you had enough stuff to open a quilt shop, but now I KNOW you have enough, this is ridiculous."

I just kept my head down and kept on packing.

Now in my defense I had a whole truck load of stuff that is the remains of my business. Tables, dyes, fabric, dyed fabric, patterns, books, thread, etc. I have just absorbed all of that into my sewing supplies since I won't be in business any time soon.

The rest of the stuff, well there is a lot, but some of it is BIG stuff like sewing tables (2), ironing/cutting tables (2), books shelves (2) and need another one, sewing machines (6, what? when did I get so many?), three shelf units of fabric and approximately 25 plastic boxes in various sizes of projects. This doesn't include the plastic drawer units of various sizes and boxes of get the picture.

He hasn't said anything else about how much I own, but I have been smart and started unpacking the kitchen and bedroom first instead of my sewing room.

WOO HOO! Ray just came in from checking the mail...I got the FIRST piece of mail! From my friend Karen in Mobile, she sent me two patterns that I LOVE! Thank you Karen!
How appropriate...they both have something to do with home. What a wonderful surprise!

OK, I have to go get some more work done the plumber will be here in a bit to replace the kitchen faucet...more on that later.



Fiesta said...

I feel your pain. At least when you retire you will have the things you need and not have to incur an expense. Also when the grandkids come along your stash will dwindle. I make a quilt for my grandaughter every year. I love the house pattern you received. i will have to go and check out her site.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

You made a big mistake when packking fo rth emoe.
You fill a box with fabric an then label it "Summer dishes".
]The next one is "
Winter dishes".
Creativity in labeling is key here!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh boy, did I have a laugh. And then when Kay commented on how to mark the packed boxes, well that was too great!! I've always dreaded the thought of a move, because I know it is going to be bad, very bad ;-) But hey, it's my dear hubby who says I need a sewing room!

Judi said...

When I had 2 truck loads the last move and that went into a 10x12 room, I quickly out grew that room with my longarm and my business so now I have a 30x30 studio and a 15x30 loaf that is full. Sure part of it is my business but I'm dreading the next move and Kay that won't work for labeling boxes since my studio is seperate from the house. vbg

Scrappy-Quilter said...

funny how we don't realize how much we have until someone else points it out or we have to move. lol