Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One more linus top

Actually this was typed and posted last evening, but for some reason Blogspot didn't get it posted and I had to go and repost this morning. I am headed to Alabama!!

I have another one made! WOO HOO! So far my goal for the year of making a Linus quilt for each month of the year is going well. Yes, yes I know I have made all eight of them in the last month, but it still averages out to one a month! Now when I get back from the retreat I will have to work quickly to get any more made before we move. I know I will have a hard time getting any made for a while after the move.
I have a many quilts do you have to make before you notice a dent in your stash? I know not everyone has a stash as big as mine and many have stashes much larger than mine so that is a relative question. In the past month I have made 8 count them EIGHT Linus tops plus a couch quilt (fully finished) for my youngest so I have sewn a LOT but can I see any reduction in the stash? NOPE! Not even a reduction in the bright fabric which I own the least. I am amazed!
I was telling Judy L. from Patchwork Times that I think some funny business is going on in there! Honestly I wonder if my son or husband is playing tricks on me by putting fabric on my shelves after I leave the room.
I am packing tonight so I can leave in the morning. I don't know if I am just tired from today or what but I am not so excited. I am sure I will be all excited again in the morning.
Today I spent most of the day in the doctor's office with Ray. Then we had to have an Xray, then go pick up the rental car, then arrange for lunches to be delivered for some meetings he is in charge of next week. Now I am home and need to cook dinner but am just too tired so I have been on here. Sounds like a solid reason to avoid work huh?
Ok, I MUST do something...pack or cook...cook or pack....maybe a bit of TV first.


SewCalGal said...

Beautiful Linus quilt. Some kid is really going to enjoy this.

Thank you for making this charity quilt and for sharing it. You did a great job.


Elizabeth said...

Wow a charity quilt a month, that's great. I think your stash must know what you're up to.