Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lots going on around here...

Ray and I have been doing some shopping. We have been looking for furniture for the formal living room and I have found the perfect pieces!

I just LOVE the red! Which surprises me since I have always gravitated to more earth tones and absolutely nothing that stands out. It is suppose to be delivered next weeks so I have been busy putting away the Christmas decorations.

I am getting the sofa and striped chair and the red chair and it comes with an ottoman. I will keep looking for end tables and will probably use the coffee table that belongs to my Mother-in-law. It is really pretty and I think it will go well with everything.
We found an Amish furniture store last week when we were looking for a quilt shop I had heard about and ventured in. I almost stopped breathing when I saw all the beauty. Ray said we will go there probably next week or maybe the week after and put an order in for our dining room table and chairs. I would also like to order some book cases but we will see. I will post pictures as soon as we go back as I didn't have my camera with me.
Ray found a BEAUTIFUL bedroom set but that will have to be on the waiting list I think.
Today we worked in the garage and I can FINALLY park my truck in there! YIPPEE! So as a reward for working so hard we went riding the 4-wheeler. I have never been on one before. That was fun!
Ok, time to eat dinner...then I hope to visit my sewing room.

***This new Blogger editor has me confused. I can't find the spell check so I hope I didn't mess up too badly.***

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