Monday, April 4, 2011

Design wall...

How about what I'm up to?

I am busy getting hand work ready for the busy travel season that starts in a few weeks. I will be spending time with Ray on a few business trips and a just for fun trip and I will need hand work for the plane rides and the hotel stays.

I'm prepping some hexies while watching Lost with Ray in the evenings. We never watched it while it was on and we are trying Net-Flix free for a month so we are watching all sorts of stuff. I feel guilty playing in my sewing room when Ray is home and I don't care much about TV, so I am prepping while listening.
Here is block #1 and #2 of the All Around the Town BOM. I bought some sky fabric and decided it was TOO blue. Now I am playing aroudn with bleach and other options. I just hope I don't ruin that $9 a yard fabric! I must be nuts!



Bonnie said...

I'm thinking I need to do the same thing . . . prep some hexies to do in the car. Let us know how well they work for you.

Chris said...

Great planning ahead! I don't seem to get that organized.

Karen said...

I read your info about yourself. I used to shop at TG&Y. Brings back memories.