Friday, April 1, 2011


We have had three days of BAD weather. Tuesday it stormed all day. Lightening, thunder, rain...lots!
Wednesday it wasn't as bad but it was black outside and windy all day. I mean WINDY ! Yesterday, Thursday we had 13 consecutive hours of tornado warnings. The wind was horrendous and the rain almost washed us away. The pool, previous to Tuesday was ready to have water added it was right on the mark of being too low. Today I had to let about 4 inches out. Amazing.  Low and behold as we went to Lakeland for a day out ( more on that in a bit) we saw houses and businesses that didn't turn of their sprinklers and they were adding to the already soggy ground. DUH!
As we drove we saw lots of acreage that looked like lakes, several feet under water. It came down, as my Dad always said. we needed it, but maybe more spread out than in a 48 hour period. :)

While in Lakeland I stopped by The Patchwork Pig quilt shop. I needed some sky fabric to start a quilt I am dying to work on. I found the fabric and some more ( you knew that didn't you?) to go with it. When I checked out the worker told me that the owner is having a 25% off sale INDEFINITELY! I asked her why, hoping it wasn't a going out of business sale. Her answer...Until the economy picks up the owner wants to help her customers continue quilting. How cool is that?  So if you have the chance, go by there. I really like that shop. They are always so friendly and have so much, I never leave empty handed.

Pictures of the fabrics coming up...but I am out by the pool and my camera is in the house...too lazy to go get it. Just being honest.



Chopped wood

Roof Tiles



Sue Garman's quilt
 All around the Town by Sue Garman. I have had this pattern for a few years and keep putting it off feeling I couldn't do a good job.
After reading Theresa's blog Fabric Therapy she has lit the fire under me. Go look at her quilt, it is great!

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Paula said...

Well, I know the truth. Everything you do is wonderful. :) I know it's going to be beautiful.