Monday, March 2, 2009

A.W.O.L but back with LOTS of pictures

I have been absent a while, but I have gotten so much accomplished!

My friend Linda came to spend a week with me so I slept little and had lots of fun. I always have fun with Linda.
We made Cinnamon rolls... and more Cinnamon rolls...

and more Cinnamon rolls, until we were sick of them. Just say the word Cinnamon and people went running.

We made bread and boy was it good! But we ate it before I got a picture of it. :(

We went to Wal-Mart every single day she was here. LOL Not by choice, but it seemed like we needed something everyday we could only get at Wal-Mart.
Linda helped me rearrange my sewing room so I have more room to move around and I can have two sewing machines set up and once. She is so smart!
I have more room to cut and iron.
Our sewing started out with making small bags to carry while travelling. Big enough to carry the essentials but too small to carry everything you own. This bag is the Runaround bag by Lazy Girl Designs. I LOVE Lazy Girl Designs! I have never really liked making anything other than quilts. I can make baby clothes but I am not big on zippers and stuff. Her ways of putting in zippers and making pockets makes it so easy even I can do it.
Linda made the Phlipphlap Bag even though I told her it was going to be hard. Did I mention she is not one to back down from difficulty? After emails to the designer and a phone call to a teacher to taught a class on this bag we finally got it finished. It turned out great but it was not nearly as much fun as the Lazy Girl patterns! LOL
Then I tried to make this backpack/shoulder bag Lazy Girl Design without Linda's help. She was busy trying to finish her Phlipphlap Bag.
I got it all cut out, no problem. Then I started sewing what I thought was the step I was suppose to be on just to have Linda tell me I wasn't suppose to have sewn the lining to the outside piece and the pocket. So I had to remove all of my stitching...and I used small stitches. :^(
Oh well She corrected me and I got it made, and it turned out cute I think!
This is a picture of all we got finished. I am so pleased!
I have more to tell but I have to go start more later.


free indeed said...

So, are you going to share that recipe with CINNAMON in it???? LOL. I've got company coming next week and they look fantastic! Yummy....I'll probably gain 10 pounds, but it doesn't count if you have you're good to go too!

Linda said...

What a great week of fun and to have gotten so much accomplished!!!!!
Linda G