Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It was bound to happen...

I have moved many times since I married. One thing I know from experience is something will not survive the move and it is usually an expensive appliance. One time it was the stove, once it was the dryer, this time it was the washer.

Right when we arrived here I noticed a small puddle of water under the washer, wiped it up and went on about my business thinking I had spilled something. Next day it was a LARGE puddle of water that I knew was too big to be a spill. Ray comes home and tells me it is the pump. No problem we fix it.

We have now been here 5 months (WOW! Really? 5 months already?) anyway I am pulling out 7 of my husband's brand new dress shirts, GREASE, OH man! where did that come from? Apparently my machine was tired and didn't want to continue living with us.

I went comparison shopping on the Internet and with the help of Consumer Reports and various other sites and found my new laundry help.
Meet Mr and Mrs Samsung...they will now be living with us to help us with all our laundry needs. They are such a quiet couple and they are so happy. Do you know how I know they are happy? They sing a little tune as they finish their work. How sweet is that?
They are a conservative couple, which makes me happy since we are a conservative family. She only uses about 13 gallons of water per load, as opposed to the one that just died using about35 gallons per load. Besides that I can put about 3 times the amount of clothes per load as I could in the old one. I am so excited! But I can see more towels and clothes being bought as I don't own enough of anything to fill the machine up. Oh what a bad thing...to have to go buy new towels and undies so we can make a load and still have clothes to wear while they are washing. LOL
I read on some review sites people complaining about the length of the cycles. I thought at first that a 101 -123 (that is our average) minute cycle was a bit long. But then I remembered in 123 minutes I was going get on average 3 loads of laundry done in just about the time it took me to do two loads before. Woo Hoo more sewing time!
Ok, I guess I need to try and go to sleep...but I am not sure it will happen tonight. Ray is gone for a couple of days and I don't feel the least bit sleepy.
If I don't go to sleep I will be sure and take pictures of whatever I sew on. LOL

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