Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brain freeze, ugly fabrics and nice quilters

Have you ever had a brain freeze? I don't mean the kind you get when you eat ice cream too fast. I mean the kind where you just can't put words together in a sentence that makes any sense.

I have been in a brain freeze lately. I load up my blog and get ready to write about all I have been up to and I freeze. No words. Nothing I write makes any sense. I sound like a goof ball. I know I know it is normal for me to sound like a goof ball, but usually I only sound like a goof ball to others, but to myself I sound like I make perfect sense.

Talk about me and my weird brain... do you see the picture above? That is a class I took last week. It was an attempt to meet people. I saw a postage stamp around the world quilt in the shop and thought I would have fun making a quilt like that and meeting quilt people so I signed up. It never entered my mind how we would actually make this quilt. I asked if my bucket-O-strips would work for the class and they said it would be perfect.

It is made with squares! Individual squares! Each square cut one at a time! Have I lost my mind? Did I reach the age of 46 and lose it completely? How in the world did I get into a class where I cut up to a 1/2 yard of fabric into 2" squares and then lay them out and sew them together? What was I thinking? I will tell you I wasn't! I wanted to meet other quilters so I signed up for a class and never thought another thought. EGAD!

I can say it isn't so bad. I am actually enjoying the process. The teacher, Lynn, was very encouraging and positive and had the cutest British accent. She showed us how to get it started and then explained how to graph it on paper for the size and shape we want. It is a simple project, just what I needed. I am enjoying that I am using all of my old fabrics I don't love anymore, or pieces of fabric I only have a bit of. I am a believer in the fact "if the fabric is still ugly you haven't cut it small enough". Some of these fabrics were UGLY, but when they finish at 1.5" they look nice.

In the class I met ladies who live near me and shop at the same shops I have visited. We chatted for five hours in the class and was surprised when 3pm arrived. We had a great time and I was invited to two different guilds. I am happy that when I finally get a chance to visit these guilds I will have faces to look for.

Off to the sewing room to play with my squares.

PS. I have not made a stash usage report for a while but would like to get back at it. I do have some additions to the stash to report and some subtractions also.


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Vicki W said...

Ack! That's how my great grandmother made her TATW quilts. Maybe you can just make a table-topper and enjoy the company of the class!