Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do you own a Featherweight?

I love my Featherweight. I got it about 10 years ago when I went to a retreat. I have used it off and on all this time, with it being more off than on in the past couple of years. The reason being I was always sure there was something not quite right with the machine. I took it to a repairman, he pronounced it in perfect working order. I took it home and sewed on it for a couple of months but knew it didn't sound right.
I bought a book about the Featherweight and after reading from cover to cover I took the machine apart and found stuff the repairman should have found. I oiled and greased it and put it back together and it sounded much better. It still had a sound that just wasn't right. But I decided it was just the sound my machine made.
I loaned my machine to my mother in law and she sewed on it for several months until it started acting up. I retrieved it and took it apart again to find a thread wrapped up in it. I still thought something was wrong but pushed it to the back of my mind.
Then the machine was stored since I was preparing to move. I have thought about it many times but knew if I got started on it I would have it in many pieces all over the floor probably never to run again.
That is until today. Today I received in the mail this...

This is a two disc DVD set by David R. McCallum. It is the complete "how to" video for maintaining your Featherweight 221 and 222. It is GREAT!
I took my machine completely apart on my dining room table. While watching him describe and show in the video what I should be doing and what it should look like I was able to find a thread way in the machine. That thread was so far back in the machine it couldn't be seen until I took the bobbin area apart.
With it all greased and oiled my machine now has the sweetest little quiet "tick tick tick" when it sews instead of the "clack clack clack" it used to have.
If you own a Featherweight 221 or 222 or even the Singer 301 I would recommend this DVD set to you.

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imquilternity said...

Glad you found your hidden thread and this DVD! I have 4 Featherweights and I'm sure the DVD would come in very handy. Thanks so much for the info!