Sunday, November 14, 2010

If one more thing...

Anyone who knows me knows I don't handle change well. I like a solid schedule. I like knowing I get up at the same time each day, eat at the same time, etc. Sounds boring to most people but I do better that way.
Since bringing the puppies home my schedule has been more like when I brought my babies home. Total chaos!
I'm starting to get a schedule going for them, finally! Two nights in a row Joseph wakes me up in the middle of the night. He is having pain in is lower right abdomen. No fever, no nausea, just pain. "Do you want to go to the hospital"?
"Ok, so what do you want me to do".
"I don't know, make it quit"!?
Thursday he got to feeling better and went on to work and said it never hurt again. Ok, this is good. Friday when he wakes me up at 3am hurting we all started trying to figure this out. Pulled muscle? Appendicitis? Gas?
I called the doctor as soon as she opened and was told to bring him on in.

He has a hernia. :^(

That was Friday. We have a surgery consult on Tuesday but Ray has just taken Joseph to the ER. He is in a lot of pain and hasn't slept well in days. He just can't stand the pain any more. I hope and pray someone can help him. It is so hard to watch him in pain and not be able to help.


Anonymous said...

Hope Joseph feels better soon.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is really bad when one of your children is hurting.