Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meeting the surgeon

What a stressful day. Not only is EVERY street in Florida named with a number, but whoever the city planner was at the time , had a wicked sense of humor. they names ALL the streets around the hospital the SAME TEN NUMBERS!
At one point I was on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street. Of course Google maps nor my GPS differentiated between the two just called both 3rd.  After I drove around looking for the office at 200 3rd St, I discovered there was no 200. I found some nice nurses who were out taking a smoke break and asked them where I needed to go. The answer was...
Go down the street, around the curve to the other side of the hospital and you will find ...wait for it...wait for it...3rd Blvd! Grrr!
So I do this...grumbling the whole way.
Next I call the Dr's office because I still can't find the building. The answer was, "We are in the new building."
Me: "I'm new to the area I don't know new from old, what does it look like."
Her:" It is the new terra cotta building on the left."
Me:" Uh, Mam, ALL the buildings are terra cotta colored."
Her:" Yes, but we are the new one."
GRRRR! Honestly that was the conversation. My confidence of ever finding this doctor was going way down, along with his abilities to cut on my child if he couldn't hire staff who gave better information than that.

I know, it really was my fault I should have made sure I knew where I was going before I left home, but I just figured with a GPS, Google maps, and a cell phone I would be fine. Apparently I was wrong.

Finally we found the office. Joseph meets the doctor and is examined and told he will not need surgery...yet.
He has pulled or strained the groin muscle and pulled one in his back. The doctor said since he has had a hernia in the past, and now he has a strain he could possibly get another hernia but at this moment in time it was not a hernia and he couldn't fix something that wasn't broke.
Praise the LORD! I am thankful my son does not have to have surgery. That he doesn't have to be put under.

Anyway, I am thanking everyone for their prayers and emails. Thank you , thank you!!!

I may, now that he isn't going into the hospital, go to Houston. Ray said he needs to stay home and work as there are tons of things he needs to finish before the end of the year and no time to do it. He said if I would go away he could work 20 hours a day and not feel guilty.
Let me think about it...this was just told to me about 15 minutes ago...


Percy The Black Cat said...

Oh that's wonderful news that there is no surgery involved! I hope the news continues to be good. And yes, go on a trip, you need a break!!

And I think that planner needs a rotten tomato thrown at him!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh! Not funny for you, but funny to read about. Incredible! I'm so glad he doesn't need surgery!