Monday, November 15, 2010

Joseph update

Joseph is feeling much better today. Praise the Lord!
He had managed to pull a muscle in his back at work when he was trying to not bend or move wrong, protecting his hernia. Poor baby!
In the ER they assessed him and decided to try something. The doctor said if it was his hernia or a kidney stone (due to the location of the back pain) this wouldn't affect him, but if it wasn't the two and was a possible pulled muscle he would feel relief in minutes. They gave him a shot of something, and in 5 minutes he was felling relief. In 15 minutes he was relaxing and in 30 minutes he was asleep on the ER bed.
The doctor talked with Ray and after watching him and examining the hernia again released him to come home and rest.
Ray said he slept the whole way home. He slept for 6 hour on the couch with hardly a movement. Ray and I both found spots and slept too.

This morning Joseph is feeling human again!
Thank you for the comments and emails.


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Chris said...

So glad he is doing better. There is nothing worse than a man in pain!