Saturday, November 27, 2010

What a ride and finally a picture

I bet you thought I forgot I had a blog!
I remembered, I just was not in range of an internet that would let my computer work properly.
Once again we did the whole Thanksgiving loop. Our house to Papa's, then to Grandma's then home again. You know that song Over the Rver and through the Woods? Well we had many many rivers and huge woods plus a few aunts, uncle and cousins to add to the song. This was a bittersweet loop this time. There were lots of tears, some frustrations, lots of hugs and kisses and prayers.
It is hard to realize just how old our parents are and that we will not have them forever. My husband's father is over 80 and just starting have memory issues. He has always had a really amazing memory. Seriously amazing. Almost maddening. Now, not so much. He couldn't find his truck last week in the Wal Mart parking lot. Not that, that is a such a horrific thing, but his age is starting to show.

My father is at the stage of his life with is dementia and Parkinson's and stroke and ... he is becoming almost like a child again. Only a child with great strength. I have arthritis and he squeezed my hand so hard I cried. Man, he has always been so strong and still is, he just can't walk very well and he can't remember if he took his medicine or if he ate or took a bath.
I took my new doggies to see my daddy. he has always been a lover of Chihuahua's so I knew he would love a visit. Sure enough, he did! But the problem is he wants one of his own. Moma is not pleased with me. I really didn't intend for that to happen. He is pretty adamant about it too. He IS gonna have a dog! Oh I am so glad I live 17 hours away!

I'm home for a few days. I hope to get some sewing done with pictures to post.
I do have the red border on the Shepherd's quilt top. Do you think the red border should have been wider?

design floor used instead of wall

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Percy The Black Cat said...

Welcome home and Happy Thanksgiving (in the USA) Ours is back in October in Canada.

Maybe your Dad would benefit from a therapy dog? The have them here usually thru Red Cross or an animal shelter, where they bring animals around to visit and it really helps to boost spirits health etc. So you get the benefits, but not the hassle.

And I think the border is perfect the way it is!. I'm always told to stop fussing and second guessing... :) I'm not so good at it for m own projects.