Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can you guess?

Just by looking at this picture can you guess which is my favorite color? Which is my least favorite? Hint, my favorite takes up a whole shelf and the least isn't even a whole stack.
I have always LOVED browns, golds, and tan colors. That is my great weakness. I don't think I have ever met a brown I didn't love.
Last week I had a crazy idea I wanted to refold my fabrics to see if I could get them all to fit in one spot. I didn't succeed in that, but I did get a fresh slap in the face about my vast stash. I got another elbow to the gut when I went to rearrange and sort through the UFOs. Would you believe me if I told you as I was giving myself a good tongue lashing about all of them I actually saw a pattern and thought how fun it would be to make it? OMG! I am hopeless! I was thinking how my family will say after I am dead and gone. Mom left us all of this fabric and patterns, no quilts, but great intentions!

The only way I could get all of my fabric sorted by color and style was to move my civil war fabrics to a shelf out in the room instead of in the closet. This might work better since I mostly use these and I won't have to leave the closet door open for easy access. These of course are not sorted by color yet as I just dumped them there about midnight. Aching back and legs made me stop for rest.

Ray has been talking about getting a sewing desk built. Now I am trying to decide if I want one. If I do, what size and how do I want it to look. If I don't want it how will I rearrange the room to work better. I still think I will remove one of the tall tables. But after I thought about that I realized I store quite a bit under the tables. What will I do with all of that? Does anyone live near me and want to come advise me on this stuff? I need help. I don't want a fancy room. We have discussed before that I am not fancy. I just want a well organized, well laid out, functioning room. Right now I spend way too much time looking for all the stuff I now I own. By the time I find it I have to stop and do something else since I wasted all of my sewing time hunting and searching.

Teresa over at Fabric Therapy has a VERY organized sewing area. I think I will use one of her ideas and go buy me a bin/drawer thing to sort all of the gizmos and whatsits I have accumulated.

Have I already mentioned all of this before? I feel like I might be repeating myself. If I have forget it and I will try to do better. It is just this is what has been on my mind A LOT lately.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, Diane, wish I were closer and I'd be there in a heartbeat. Seems we can organize others much better than ourselves.

I'm trying to do the same thing and found that I have many, many, and I do mean many blocks from swaps to put together let alone all the tops that need to be quilted.
Linda G