Friday, May 25, 2012

Sweet Treats may help

Yesterday was one of those days. Everyone has them from time to time. It seemed like every time I got started and focused the phone would ring. I would deal with whatever was given to me during the phone call and try to get back and focused on sewing and someone would come to the door. All day long!
Three phone calls from my sisters about my dad in the nursing home. Three telemarketers (two from the same company!) One Pharmacy call. One Doctor. I called my friend to ask questions about Daddy. Ray called FIVE times. Needless to say I got way less accomplished than I had hoped.

I wanted to get the monkey basted...nope!
I was trying to test a quilt pattern for a 2am I was still working through it.
During some of the calls I was mindlessly sewing strips for a design Judy Laquidara called Sweet Treat. She is doing a sew-a-long if you are interested.It's pretty simple, but with all the distractions I think I may have done something wrong. I will have to recheck.

Even if I did I like the way it looks so far. Plus I like the name, Sweet Treat. I have to go pick Ray up from the airport in a little bit. I can see a trip to Yogurtology before we return home!

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