Thursday, May 24, 2012

Local Quilt Shop

I had to make a run to the quilt shop closest to me. I am so fortunate to have two quilt shops within about 15 minutes of my home.  I remember the days of 2 hour drives when I lived in Texas, so two within such a short drive, I am one happy girl.
Anyway back to the trip. I needed a new 6 1/2" ruler. Mine had a chip out of the corner and I couldn't trim my HSTs. This ruler was old enough that you couldn't just flip it and use another corner, as there were no markings. No biggie. I wanted to look at the Creative Grid rulers anyway. I have old Omnigrid rulers, the ones with the yellow markings and then some slightly newer Omni-grip. I like the Old Omnigrid, but they are so slick and I can't find anything that I like to make them not slide across the fabric just as I am in the middle of the cut. Grrr. The new Omni-grip are losing their neon green/grip stuff so they are starting to slide, plus most of them have chips since I am notorious for dropping things.

I found a ruler and it looked good so I grabbed it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this book.
I love all things Kim Diehl. I love her color choices. I love her designs. This book even has a patchwork pillow for cat lovers! This book went home with me!

Love, love, love this!
I can see this one in my living room!

Pardon the crappy picture. I'm still not too friendly with my phone camera.

Then I saw this...


When they said small pieces I think they meant tiny, but knew they would scare off too many potential buyers.  One inch strips makes for tiny 4-patches!

As far as the monkey quilt goes, I have decided it is finished. No second bright blue border. I will bind it in the blue since I think it needs another splash of it. Now I have the backing to cut and piece together and baste on. I hope I can start quilting today. Ray just called and he may be delayed another day so I might actually get to it since I get another day of no cooking and cleaning. But really, whether he comes home or not I must do laundry and dishes. it is beginning to look like the dwarf's cottage  in the woods. Too bad there isn't a singing girl and helpful critters to do the work!


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