Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New quilt

I have been working for the past couple of days on a very special project. My longest and dearest friend has a precious grandson that has been sick for quite a while. Many doctors have been on the case but no one knows what the problem is. This little cutie loves monkeys. I mean he LOVES them. He has been Curious George for the last two years at Trunk or Treat at their church. His Grandma , my friend, makes both of the boys costumes each year, just like she made her own children's in years past. I'm not talking about finding a pair of brown sweats and gluing on a tail. Oh no, she spends weeks  making the suits, after weeks of searching for just the right fabric.
Anyway back to sweet grandson #2. Looking at him he reminds me a lot of my youngest since he is so small. GS2 loves monkeys so much that when I saw the Quiltmaker magazine with the monkey quilt in it I knew I had to make it for him. I redid the sizes in the pattern since there was no way I was going to cut one of anything with a 3/8" in it, much less many that size.  Plus there was just one banana in the whole quilt. Anyone who knows monkeys know they love bananas so I adjusted the border to fit a few more.
Yesterday I did a marathon sewing on this guy. I realized when I crawled in the bed I had worked him him almost non-stop for 15 hours. I did stop for about 40 minutes to cook the husband some dinner, but then right back at it. I only had to rip once! Pretty good!

Ok, back at the machine! I want to get the borders on today. Ray left this morning for a two day trip and I set a goal of working on this as much as needed to finish before he returns. Since I won't have to cook or do housework. Sounds like fun to me!


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