Monday, May 14, 2012

I bought a new book or two

While in Mobile the last time I heard about the upcoming retreat class that will be available. I was so excited after seeing the sample! I met Karen at a previous retreat and found she was not only very nice but super talented.
Karen will be teaching us out of the book Geometric Gems by Cathy Weirzbicki. This is a pretty exciting book! Right off the bat I know of three I want to make. You will be surprised how some of them are pieced.
Karen will be teaching the quilt Pineapple Nine Patch. You can see it here on Karen's blog. Previously Karen made another quilt like this as a mystery and this is the one I fell in love with since it is made in all of the colors I love so much.

Isn't it beautiful? If you are not a fan and haven't clicked on the Karen's blog ling go ahead and go there now. I know you will love the latest one she made! Go on...I'll wait.
Like I said really beautiful!
If I ever get my sewing room straightened up I know I have enough browns and creams to get one made. remember the picture of the creams through brown shelf? I have enough huh?

On the same order I received a new beading book. I almost didn't order it as it looked way over my skill level. Boy am I glad I got it. The first day and a half I just turned the pages over and over again loving the beautiful pieces. Then I started looking at my beads and knew I didn't have what I needed to make anything in the book. Then I just threw up my hands and decided to make do.

It is the same bracelet taken with different lighting. The top one makes the round beads the correct color and the bottom one has it right on the blue/green beads. Not only did I surprise myself that I could make it. I was so pleased I had tried my own colors and it turned out pretty good.  Ray asked me if I would wear it and I told him, you bet your sweet bippy! I need to finish the clasp and it is done.

The puppies are asking to be walked.


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Anonymous said...

Love your bracelets!!! And so glad that you are coming to the retreat, it will be good to see you!
Linda G