Thursday, May 17, 2012

How special!

I have been working on Ray's tiny PITA quilt. Yes I really do call it that. It is wearing on my patience! I do more cussing under my breath when I'm working on it.
For some unknown reason the tiny pieces, even though I pin usually don't piece straight. The edges are straight when I pin them and they are even when I am through piecing, but when you open it up they don't go straight they either bend in a V, or in an upside down V or one piece ends up a smidge longer or shorter. I try hard to not be a perfectionist, but it really makes me crazy when I can't figure out why something is going wrong. Any ideas?  I paper pieced so those parts are as close to perfect as they can be. Then they are pieced to more PP HSTs. So those should come out right if I pieced them right.
I like the center of this one!
This center not so much!

See how this one is wonky?

even though it is PP and pinned it is not quite right

This one is doing the same thing.
 Maybe I should call it the Wonky PITA quilt.
Another thing that is making me slightly crazy(er) is the whole pressing the seams open thing. I understand they are supposed to make the block lay flatter and quilt easier. Well I don't know about the quilting part as I don't normally go there, but that is what the designer said so I am trusting her.  I can't seem to press them open without causing issues in other areas. Maybe it will come with practise.

This is mostly medical so you can skip to the bottom now if you don't care, but for the ones who ask me about my health I share...

I went to my rheumatologist yesterday. He told me to stop playing around with my medicine doses.
I was trying to take less of one of my meds. For some reason I got it in my head I was taking too much. I am supposed to take one three times a day. I decided to take it twice a day. Not a good idea! I woke up each of those nights in so much pain Ray said I had been whining in my sleep every time I moved. Ok, so I will not try and play doctor.
I was just worried I would have to keep increasing the dose and be one of the people who have to "doctor shop" to get enough to keep me from hurting. The doctor assured me I was not taking a large dosage, and I was stable as the dosage had not increased in almost two years. He also assured me he would keep a close eye on the dosage and for me to not worry.
It sounds so silly now that I am typing it, but I really was concerned.

Now to the special part. My right foot has an inflamed tendon near the heal. I have tried to be very careful with it and wear proper shoes (when I remember shoes at all!). Then yesterday I tell the doctor my left foot is hurting in the middle of the foot, but on the outside edge. He said it could be two things...yep after the xray it was determined I have an inflamed tendon on my left foot! How special! He said he could put me in a boot, but he was afraid it would cause issues in my hips and lower back and that would hurt much worse than the foot. First order of business is never go barefooted! Are you kidding me? I don't wear shoes! 95% of the time!


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