Saturday, November 29, 2008

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

I can't quite make up my mind on what to take to work on at the retreat next weekend.
Moving and having to sort my whole sewing room caused me to see all of the projects I have started but never quite finished. I have said before I am A.D.D. and I wasn't just being silly, I really am. I get distracted EASILY, and if I put something away it is as if it never exsisted. So pulled out a few things that I really would like to finish.

At last years retreat I worked on this and LOVED it, but put it away and promptly forgot about it. This is going to be what I call Wonky Log Cabins. One of the reasons I put this away was as I was at the retreat I was dealing with many stressful issues and it showed in my sewing. I am ADD with perfectionistic tendencies. If it is suppose to lay flat and be square that is what I want. If the points are suppose to be pointy I want that too. This was not coming out how I wanted so it was not hard to put it away.

I started this for my daughter. As a child we called her "Sister" and since this is Sister's Choice I thought this would be perfect. But I started this when I was trying to come to grips with her leaving home on some not so good terms. She made bad choices and is having to live with the consiquenses of these choices. Honestly I thought I was doing a good thing until a friend explained to me I could not give her this quilt. I could make it and keep it myself, but I couldn't give it to my daughter. It would just be salt in a raw wound. So I put it away to be forgotten. I agree with the friend but would like to make it now and maybe one day, if she sees it and wants it she can have it but without the drama of the name and my reason for making it. It did help me through some of the hard times, and isn't that one of the reasons we make quilts. I know is is one of my main reasons.

I have no idea where this came from but it could possibly be something I brought home from a Linus group meeting, intending to put borders on and quilt it. As you can see I must have set it aside, because I haven't touched it and can't even remember bringing it home. BTW, I like the green on the bottom better than on the left so I will put a border of that on it and then see what else I can do. Any suggestions?

I found this on Keryn's blog from November 11th. I fell in love with it! I have HUGE strip tubs and so I thought this would be perfect. This one I KNOW I am taking to work on.

This is strip/scrap/trash/treasure type project. You take all of your leftovers and sew them together until you have the size you need. Any and everything goes. This is mindless sewing so this is another one that is going. I can work on this when I don't want to concentrate just chatter and sew.

This is the Maverick stars from Bonnie's website. I have been wondering about it for a while so I threw some stuff together incase. I wonder if I would actually get anything accomplished on this.

This has been in this box since Paducah LAST YEAR! I am so bad! I worked on this in the evenings while trying to recouperate from a long day of shopping. Then I got home and set it aside and you know the rest of the story.

This is the unfinished mystery from Bonnie's first mystery. I was all gung ho, then got to the last step where it was revealed and couldn't make myself finish. It was too much for me. It was too busy to show all the work put into each block. So it has been setting in a box stewing. Once I took it and some friends helped me figure out some settings, but I didn't put the stuff up correctly and lost the paper I wrote it on. Maybe Linda G. will help me again??

Here are my houses... they need lots of work.

And what if I want to do some handwork? This has been setting aside so long it had been (unknowingly) in the scrap bin. I unfolded it and was so excited! I knew I had started this, but forgot where I put it.

If I want to do handwork, will I want to quilt this? This is a small quilt, something like 16"x22" or there about. So it wouldn't take long...maybe...I am slow.



Paula said...

Oh well, take all of it!!! LOL That way you can fly from thing to thing without a worry. ADD can't stop me!!!!

My problem with sewing at a retreat?? I can't stand it. I'm a loner when I sew, except when I with you. You are the ONLY person I've sewn with an actually gotten something done! Ughhhh.

We're both hopeless!! LOL

Linda said...

Diane, remember, the retreat is only three days. Bring only a couple of things and then you might actually finish something....NOT!!! LOL Can't wait to see and visit with you.
Linda G