Friday, November 7, 2008

I am official

Today I went and changed my address on my bank account. How nice to go to the bank and there be more than two tellers and hardly a line.
Then I found the Tax office and got my Florida drivers license. I am officially a Floridian. I would show you the new picture, but you know how license pictures turn out, always gross. This was no different. The best part of the whole thing was I don't have to wait for the "real" license to come in the mail while driving around with a paper copy. I walked out with the real deal! Cool huh?

I wanted to let Linda G. know I have been working in my sewing room! WOO HOO! I have cut strips for the courthouse steps blocks we learned how to make. I added to my civil war strips since I know I won't get much out of that almost empty bin. Never fear, I refilled it. :^)
I think should work on the blocks I started in class, it would be nice to have it for Nancy when I see her next.

Speaking of when I will see Nancy next, I am returning to Mobile much sooner than I thought. Ray has meetings next week and I am going to go with him. The reason for my return is the same day we left last time and thought it would be a very long time before we came back a tree fell over our back fence.
We got a phone call from our realtor the Monday after we left on Sunday, he asks "did you know you had a tree fall in your back yard"?
Ray replies "What"?
Realtor "yes, a tree is down in your back yard."
Ray "can you send me a picture"?
We get the picture and sure enough he was right.

My life, always an adventure, and never dull!


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