Friday, November 21, 2008

Honest opinion needed...

I made this for my friend Linda's daughter years ago, but decided I didn't like it and put it in a bag and promptly forgot about it. Today as I was cleaning and organizing in my sewing room I came across it again. I asked my son who was the only one home, and he said "it's ok". Not exactly what I wanted. I need a clear answer. Does this deserve to be quilted for a loved one or do I donate it?
I wonder if the reason I don't care for it is because I really don't care for purple. I mean purple is a nice color, and it is pretty and all, but this has so much of it.
I don't know, I am at a loss.

Any thoughts?



Crescent Moon Mama said...

I like it. I like purple and I like purple and green together.

Paula said...

I think it's wonderful. I know she'll love it. I definitely think that you are reacting to the not your fav. Finish it up and get it out to her!!!! Hugs.