Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And now we wait...

We just heard back from the real estate agent, and the gentleman agreed to the contract. Only 24 hours after it expired! Goodness I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

So now we wait. We wait on the mortgage company to do all the stuff they do. We are already approved for the mortgage, but they have to do stuff that I don't know all the details and don't really want to know.

I will start packing up the rooms we don't use on a daily basis. One thing I learned from the last move was to have everything that belongs in a room packed together. It makes it SO much easier to unpack. Before we left Mobile I had a sewing house, meaning I had sewing stuff in EVERY room of the house. I worked hard to get everything organized before the move, but we all know you never get everything done. But I have continued the organizing thing the whole time we have been in this lease home. I pretty much have everything in the rooms they belong in and in their correct place so when we pack we can label them by where they go and what they are for. Since we are doing the moving ourselves I hope I can keep it that way.

You know how movers are, they just want to fill a box. I had stuff from the bathroom put in with kid's room stuff because they space. I hope to not do that this time.

Ray had to make a fast trip back to Mobile unexpectedly. Last night he came home and said his boss was going to Mobile, I asked if Ray was going with him and he said no. This morning I get a call saying throw me some stuff in a suitcase I have to go with my boss. UGH! Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but I had not been to the pharmacy to fill his new medications. We had been using the samples so if he had a reaction (Dr. said he could) we would not have spent tons of money on Crestor. So I rushed to the pharmacy, waited in line, waited in line, waited in line you understand where I am coming from?

Finally I get the meds and head back to the house to find Ray REPACKING his suitcase I had so meticulously packed. UGH!

I fix his lunch since we all know there is no place you can eat fast that is heart healthy. I shove him out the door....AHHHHH!

Now I am in the sewing room and I refuse to come out until I am stress free!!! LOL

Maybe I can get another Linus top made. I hope so!



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