Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home sweet home...

I'mmmmm baaaccckkkkkk

It only took 2 frappuccinos and 2 VERY large cokes and needless to say many rest stops to get me home, but I made it.

By the time I made it home I was so wired from all the caffeine I couldn't stop talking, but Ray and Joseph seemed happy to see me so they listened.

The retreat was GREAT fun.

The class we took was working with striped fabric. It was kind of like kaleidoscope and stack and whack but without the precision needed. Perfect for a retreat!

wanna see more?

This looks like flowers but it was actually dear, how neat is that?

This was not made at the retreat, it was a mystery that I taught a couple of years ago and Lamoyn brought it to show me how it turned out. Looks great doesn't it?

More later....I need a nap!



imquilternity said...

Your mystery quilts look lovely...they remind me of a Hidden Wells quilt that I made many years ago. It was fun, but to the end, I admit it was a mystery getting those pieces in the right places! LOL

cwb621 said...

So glad you enjoyed the class. Your quilt turned out quite lovely, one of the more striking examples. I will be teaching it again for the January guild workshop.