Monday, August 10, 2009


For the past several months I have been looking for a house as I have lamented before. I have decided I do not like looking for a house. I have looked at well over a hundred homes in person and probably a thousand online since May. I have fussed and cried and never walked into that house that made me feel that feeling of "my home". That is until last Thursday. The first house of the day and I walked in and instantly thought, I might be home. The more I walked around the the more that feeling grew. We (the agent and I) left and looked at four more homes and I just kept comparing all of them to the first house of the day.

I called Ray and asked if he could go look at the house the next day. As a matter of fact we went and saw all of the homes I had seen the day before as really all of them were potentially good buys. We left the house and both agreed that might be the house. Finally Ray looks at the price of the home and says, "Oh, but it cost a lot more than we wanted to spend". Ray has had it to the penny how much we could spend. With the money from the house in Alabama we knew exactly how much we could afford and this house was out of our budget. RATS!

After looking at all of the homes the agent drives us back home and we are talking in the car. Ray mentions about how much we have to spend and how we have exactly enough money to pay all of the closing costs and agent's fees when our agent says "you don't pay all of those fees, the buyer pays this fee and this fee and you only pay this fee". Ray asked her to repeat herself...I knew then. She tells him again in detail what she said. I turned around in the seat and looked at Ray and he said..."We will call you in a few minutes".
Off she goes to show more houses to another client.

Ray and I go in the house. He gets online and on the phone to our mortgage company. He confirms what she just told him. He gets the calculator. He calls the insurance agent. He gets the calculator. He starts a spreadsheet, with the calculator in hand.
He calls me into the room and says, "Do you like the house?"
Me: "DUH!"
Ray:"You wanna make an offer?"
Me: "DUH!"

So long story longer (as my friend says) we made an offer on a house!!!!!
Now we are hoping the owner accepts it.



Judi said...

I got my fingers ossed I hope you get it.

Judi said...

That should be crossed. Geesh one of these days I will learn to spell.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow I can relate. We have not found anything that we like. So maybe there is still hope!

Becky said...

I will keep my fingers crossed too. I all too well know all those feelings!