Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Look what I brought home

Friday we went to the doctor's office to get Ray's blood work results. They were not good. The doctor said just dieting would not do enough to help him (us). She suggested Wii Fit. She said it was fun. Both Ray and I just rolled our eyes. LOL Neither of us has EVER thought exercise as fun.
Well after talking about how I really want him around and healthy he decided to go buy a Wii Fit.
Tonight we hooked it up and let me tell you it is not just a game!
I can honestly say there was some of it that was fun.
I ran a beginner race and loved how everyone cheered me on and was so happy for me to finish. Kinda of strange but encouragement does seem to help even if it is from a character on a screen.
I did yoga; that is HARD! But I did it.
I did step aerobics...I'm really not so good at that. I quit to come back another day.
I hoola hooped and I am GOOD at that! I was doing three at a time! Now in real life I can't hoop one. But fake hoops I am amazing!
Ray is still hurting with his gout so he has only bowled (it came with the Wii console) and did quite well, and he played some baseball. Hopefully his gout will go down soon and he can start doing more.
PS...did you know when you make your Wii Mii (your Wii person) and you weigh yourself, your Mii gets bigger to match your weight. I was not pleased to see that part. Also when you first start and you get up on the Wii Fit Board it sounds like it groans. Not very encouraging! LOL


Vicki W said...

It will also make rude comments when you miss a couple of days!

Judi said...

It told daughter she lost weight when she hadn't used it in awhile. I don't have it yet but maybe someday. LOL