Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Newest top

I finished this top today. I was so pleased.
I seems I haven't gotten in my sewing room much in the past several weeks. With my mother in law visiting, house hunting, Ray's gout, and me having to relearn to cook everything I have ever cooked in my life all I seem to do is stand in the kitchen or go to the grocery store. UGH!
My stove finally got fixed...yeah!
Ray's gout is no better...thanks doc!
Ray's diet and therefore my cooking lessons are going fine, just slow.
I have burned a whole tank of gas going back and forth to the store over the past week.
But I got in the sewing room today :^) and I finished the top and started pulling fabric for another.

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Judi said...

Nice top. I hope Ray's gout gets better soon, that's no fun.