Friday, August 14, 2009

A day to get out and about

Normally I don't go out much. I like to stay close to home. Usually I end up going to the grocery store on Friday's when Ray is off work and we run all errands on that day. That is just about it. I know, I know I am getting to be a real homebody in my old age, but I am happier than I have been in years. I find my life is peaceful and I am very content to stay here and take care of the house.
Today though, I needed to get out for a bit. I think it was because I have had the new house on my mind and wanted to look at new "stuff" for the new place. I need new living room furniture and a dining table and chairs. I have not had a new dining table and chairs since I married 28 years ago and then it was a little kitchen table and 4 chairs that cost less than $100. I definitely have got my moneys worth from it, but it is time to buy something new. My living room furniture has been with us for about 11 years. Eleven years of kids jumping, eating, wallering,(good southern word) and terrorizing the dog on.

So I left the house headed to the furniture store. I ended up at Lowes...
I looked at plants, ceiling fans, rugs and door knobs and drawer pulls. I bought a book on Florida gardening.

I left there and went to an antique shop that had a great secretary the last time I was there. I found a quilt from the 1930's. I left without it, but I plan on taking Ray with me in the morning to look at it because as I walked out the door I saw a sign that read "everything 20% off". I looked at the quilt the last time I was there and it looked like there was only one block that had the slightest bit of damage to the fabric. I think it would be well worth $80 to cover one of the beds.

As I drove past Wal-Mart I remembered that George Strait's new album Twang was released Tuesday and so I wheeled right in.

I stopped at the library and borrowed some cook books to help with our heart healthy cooking, and a couple of gardening/landscaping books. I LOVE the library.


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Linda said...

My you have been a busy "suzy homemaker" and good for you....Can't wait to see you this weekend.