Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mr. Fixit?

Here is the latest top I made for Linus. WOO HOO! I think it turned out nice. Very easy, nothing special, but nice.
My mother in law went home yesterday evening and it is kind of quiet around here. She doesn't talk a lot but between the two of us we kept the house kind of lively. Now it is just me (and my son, but we all know how a much 19 year old son talks with his mom) in the daytime.
I mentioned we made an offer on the house. Well the man countered (I hate playing games, we offered what we wanted to pay!!) and he wants two months to move out of his house. Needless to say I did not like that at all! Ray decided we could move up on the price by a bit (tiny bit!) and also give the man an extra two weeks. I told he could do what he wanted but I will not be moving out of this house and into another with just a weekend of time. I know some do it but I am not some. I need time to clean that house before things get moved in and then clean this one before we hand over the keys. Both houses are pretty large and I know I need a whole day in each for just a quick clean.
Anyway, we counter offered and he hasn't replied yet. He has until 5pm so I am sure he will take the whole time. He told his agent he didn't know the house would sell so fast and he wasn't prepared to get rid of his wife's things yet. His wife died a year ago and he is moving into an apartment. I really do feel bad that he is still grieving, I can't imagine how bad it hurts. But why didn't he start taking care of some of this BEFORE he put the for sale sign up? Just a question.
So today I am in the sewing room trying to keep my mind off of the house. I think I will start getting my stuff rounded up for the retreat I am going to attend. I am always worried I will leave something important at home so this will give me time to think it though. Yea sure!
Plus this year we are having Secret Quilt Pal. I have a few things I have bought for her and a few things I want to get from my own stash that I need to get together. Nothing too expensive. We were told nothing that costs more than $10 each and not too many of those. But I have some stuff I found at Tuesday Mornings on the cheap, actually useful stuff not just stuff to fill a basket.
Ok, off to the sewing room,


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh my this must be nerve wracking. And the guy has found himself where he really needs to do something with his wife's things. Poor fellow. I hope that it all works out.

Judi said...

I would hate to be in that predicament having to get rid of stuff and really not knowing what to do with it.

Your quilt is a quite one and some little person will love it.

Linda said...

Just bring your projects to the retreat. The "quilt police" won't let you have a fan, an iron, a light, or anything else that plugs in......remember that one time?!?!?!? LOL Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

Quilt Police here!!!

$10.00 total NOT each!!!! You have some leeway but aren't supposed top be breaking the bank!! Boy wish you were my secret sister.
Can't wait to see you!!