Monday, January 5, 2009

I know what I am doing tomorrow

This evening after dinner I talked Ray into going to Walmart and help me decide which shelves I wanted for my sewing room closet. I couldn't decide between two but after he looked at both and compared them he said the one pictured above was better and would hold more weight. I have no clue where he got the idea I had much fabric and how much it weighed. :)

Now I can't wait to have a beautiful and accessible stash closet.


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Shelley said...

I so need to fix up my sewing room just has piles of stuff every where. I have folded and stacked the yardage on shelving just outside my sewing room door, it's every thing else that needs a home! These shelving units might work for me too....I'll check prices next time I'm at a Walmart. Can't wait to see more picures of your room.