Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Love it!

This is my new favorite tool. I bought it when I went to the retreat in December and today was the first time I played around with it. I LOVE IT!
I printed some triangle sheets to make 2.5" finished HST and I was able to get 12 per page. This was great since I was going for the very scrappy look. Each size triangle will print a different number on a sheet of printer paper.
I can get 12 HSTs made in a couple minutes and they are accurate. I usually take two squares one inch larger than I want my HST to finish and sew them on either side of the diagonally line on the back. This is fine and I have done this for years, but it does mean a lot of squaring up. I have perfectionist tendencies so I want my HSTs to be the size they are suppose to be, not a smidge bigger or smaller. I have created many back aches to achieve this too!
Now no more back aches, no more squaring up, no more oops too small. I am so happy!
Plus because I have the ability to print here at home I don't have to worry about not having the correct size triangle papers by other manufacturers on hand.
TOO much fun!
Today even though I was on the phone all day trying to find a new doctor (don't you just hate looking for new doctors and dentist?) I was able to get 48 HST made, all pressed and setting aside waiting for more to join them.

Speaking of finding a doctor. You know to not even try the new doctor if the person who answers the phone has to keep putting you on hold. They are way too busy to take a new patient if they can't speak a full sentence before you go on hold again.
I called one doctor who was recommended by the one person I know in this town. This doctor is no longer taking new patients. POO!
I call another, this is the one who kept putting me on hold, cross that on off the list.
I call the third, the answering machine was caught in a loop and wouldn't let me "press one to make an appointment", it kept telling me "if this is a true emergency hang up and dial 911". Scratch!
So I called my husband who directed me to my insurance website to help me. I started at the bottom of the list and called a random name. I was shocked when they answered the phone. Then I was shocked even more when the person on the phone (receptionist?) actually spoke with me and had time for me to ask questions. The next shock was the biggest...I have an appointment TOMORROW! My goodness I almost wept! LOL
She gave me directions to the office and explained that I should be a couple minutes early to fill out papers, and then she said..."oh just so you know the Doctor works on schedule, you won't have to wait for her." I was pleased to hear that, but I have been around for a few years so I will wait until I see it to believe it.

I hope I don't get lost finding this place...

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Jeri said...

good luck with your new doctor! She sounds almost too good to be true!