Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm glad I'm not superstitious!

Happy New Year!

All of my life my mom would write on the calendar the weather for the last six days of the year and the first six days of the new year, saying each day represented a month of the new year and you could tell the weather for the upcoming year.
We were NEVER allowed to wash clothes on New Years day, no matter what! If you did you were responsible for "washing someones life away".
Everyone in the family had to eat black eyed peas no matter how much you gagged or puked. It was suppose to bring health and wealth.
The biggest one was to always be careful about what you did on the first day of the year as that was what you would do for the remainder of the year.

My mom would wake up and put on her pot of peas, and spend the day between cleaning and resting as she wanted to have a healthy wealthy year with lost of rest and most of all a clean house.

Well, I am and always have been the rebel child in my family. First of all I do not believe in superstition or accidents. I believe everything happens for a reason and in God's perfect time.

Just to make my mother crazy (yep I admit it) I would always do at least one load of laundry and usually do it while on the phone with her wishing her a Happy New Year. (I am so bad!)
I might make peas but hardly ever Black eyed since none of my kids liked them. But usually I didn't make any at all.
I try to spend my day sewing and since IF this superstition thing turns out to be true I want to make sure I get to sew a lot in the coming year. But after almost 20 years of being a quilter, I am here to tell you I never get to sew as much as I would like and NEVER everyday and usually not more than once or twice a week. I really have to work on that!

I like the idea of a resolution but I know myself and I can't keep one.(I'm lazy) If I could I would try to become a more compassionate person and pay more attention to my friends. I would try to study my Bible more and be a better witness. I would try to be a better wife and a better mother.

This year so far I have not done laundry, but the day isn't over yet.
I haven't eaten peas, and don't plan on it.
I have been sick and nauseated all day so I seriously hope the superstition thing doesn't kick in.

We start heading home tomorrow, so maybe I can sew before the week is completely over.


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