Monday, January 26, 2009

What is a quilter to do?

Last night while I was rummaging around looking for some long lost dish towels that I know I own but haven't seen since I unpacked them after the move here, I found a large brown Rubbermaid container. Now I thought this container was full of old needlework type stuff like crochet, plastic canvas needlepoint, embroidery etc. What I found was this...
A whole box of hand dyed fabric! Another whole box! What in the world? I thought I had already unpacked and folded every piece of fabric I owned. Apparently not.

I immediately emailed my sister in law (sister in crime is more like it) to get advise as to what to do with all of this. I told her I had issues and needed help. Her reply was " I am not surprised anyone in this family has issues". Now how is that for love? Honestly she was right. LOL

After a bit of back and forth emails I decided on a couple of possible patterns that would work and so I started cutting.

This is stacks of 2 1/2" strips which I am hoping to make either scrappy trips around the world or scrappy bargello both from Bonnie Hunter's website. I probably have enough strips cut to make both in very large sizes but we will see.

As my husband says, I am blessed beyond measure. I have lots of fabric, a sister in law who can help me with decisions and Bonnie Hunter scrap quilter extraordinaire who is very giving with her talents.

Tomorrow my husband has to go out of town for an unexpected meeting, so I will have two days to sew without having to look at the clock. WOO HOO!



Paula said...

Wow....great start on the quilts! I can't believe how much you got cut today. I think it's time to put on some music and sew til you drop!!! Hugs.

Jackie Davis said...

Wow Would love to join you! But I have to wait about 20 years when the kids all leave the house (i'm prego w/#3). Sounds AWESOME and love the scrappy links, I am sending it to my sewing group - they will love it!!!! What a find for sure!!!! can't wait to see!