Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Man what a transformation!

The picture above shows my patterns, books and magazines. In the white tub on top of the blue drawers holds just a few of my "kits". Some I have made and some I have bought. Behind that is my ironing and cutting area.
The above picture shows my sewing area. On the left is my strip drawers and tubs. I have some projects that I want to get finished quickly so they are there also.

WOW! Doesn't that look good?

The top two shelves show my Civil War fabrics and strips. The bottom shelf has my hand dyed fabrics and solids. On the far right are all of my dyes and my PFD fabrics.
In the process of all of this organizing I decided to count the UFOs I came across along with the quilt tops I have ready to quilt. I always estimated that I had about 30 tops, but I was floored to learn I had 41!
I then was even more shocked to learn I have 40 UFOs and 13 kits. YUCK! That is too much! It was nice to put my hands on all of my fabric again. It was eye opening.
I am SO A.D.D.!


Paula said...

I am impressed, but don't think I'm counting my tops and UFOs!!!!

We enjoyed seeing your little girl tonight. Sadly, they decided not to spend the night. She looks great. Hugs.

Linda said...

Diane, your room looks terrific. Please show it to us at the beginning of February so we can see how neat it still is. LOL I am really jealous; it looks like you can find whatever you want.
Linda G

Vicki W said...

I did that exercise about 5 years ago and it was quite eye opening! I probably need to do it again.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

That's my job tomorrow...to clean out the cupboard!! I think I should take before and after pictures :o)

Joanne said...

Wow, that is really an accomplishment!!! Like Linda said, I want to see that in a week or two....LOL You don't have us as bad influences so close anymore - no one tempting you to break your stash buster oath! I printed that oath out and then read it....I had to crumple it up and throw it away, I just couldn't face it! I'm going to have to cope with the "path" through my sewing room!

Jackie Davis said...

This is amazing! Great JOB!!! WOO HOO!!!! Stick with it!


Alycia said...

That looks great. You are now cordially invited to my sewing room. Bring your organizing skills!!