Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Suffering from insomnia?

No suffering here! I embraced it this time. I am a very slow sewer so getting a whole top pieced in one night is unheard of. But if you have insomnia and a book on the iPod it is amazing what you can get done. I finally forced myself to bed when I saw the sunrise this morning. I slept for a couple of hours and now I have a picture to show.
There are 20 blocks and it is 48"X60". I think it needs to be bigger.
Insomnia is not something you can plan for so I have no idea if I will get more made today but we will see.



Paula said...

It really looks great!!! You did a good job on it. Yeah, you CAN sew a quilt in one night!! LOL

Vicki W said...

Insomnia is a real bummer but you sure made the most of it! It's going to be a really vibrant quilt.

Jeri said...

oooh pretty! I love this quilt top! Great job.

Amy said...

Great looking quilt. sometimes insomnia can be good. until the next day rolls around. thanks for sharing. Amy