Thursday, January 15, 2009


Remember I had my doubts about the new doctor and her ability to see me "on time" as the nurse told me she would. Well let me tell you not only did she see me on time, she also spent almost 30 full minutes taking a history and asking about my health issues. I have NEVER had a doctor spend so much time with me. Usually you have to sprint through your list of maladies hoping the doctor hears them all before they run back out of the room, that is after you have waited half naked in a freezing room for 45 minutes after waiting 30 minutes in the waiting room.
Will wonders never cease! I am impressed!

While at the doctor, I was told due to my family history I needed to go have another colonoscopy. She arranged an appointment with a doctor downstairs and then sent me off for blood work. The only real down side to the whole visit was they don't do blood work in the office. I had to drive to another lab facility. Now there I did have to wait and hour, but I was still so impressed with the doctor it kind of didn't matter.

After I left the lab I drove to a quilt shop that I had noticed. I went in and looked around noticing they were VERY busy. I was impressed with just how busy. Finally the owner of the shop walked over to me and asked if she could help me. I told her I was fine and didn't want to stop her from waiting on her customers. Chatting over the next few minutes I told her I just closed my business and missed working at the quilt shop in Mobile. She asked me if I wanted a job, and before I even thought I said YES!

Unbelievable...I go to the doctor and come home with a job!

My first day is tomorrow so I will let you know what I think when I get home.



Paula said...

Are you working for fabric or real money??? LOL....glad you liked the Dr.

Vicki W said...

Wow! What a great day!

Linda said...

WOW Diane, what a great day. You go from the pits, having to have a colonoscopy (drinking that stuff) and to the heights, a job at a quilt store. Guess that shoots that "not buying fabric" resolution. LOL
Linda G