Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It has been one of those days...

I woke up in a cold house all snuggled up under a quilt made for me by my friends. I had an wonderful rest and was ready for a wonderful day. I quickly showered and dressed and packed my lunch. I left in plenty of time to get to work. I got on the freeway and went less than a half mile when all three lanes stopped dead still. We would ease up a few feet then stop again. After about 20 minutes I admitted to myself I was not going to make it to work in time so I called and told them I would be late.
After and hour I finally made it a mile and a half, just to have police directing everyone off the freeway. To anyone else this would be no big deal. Normally you would go another route to your destination. My problem is, I don't know any other route to any destination yet! I was completely and utterly at a loss. I stopped and bought a map. That helped, but only a little. By that point I was a basket case. There were ten thousand cars, trucks and 18 wheelers and they all knew where to go and I didn't. So I started driving where I thought I should go. I was correct, but you know how it is once you start doubting your ability it is hard to be confident in your decisions.
After 2 1/2 hours I finally arrived at work. It is a 25 minute drive on the freeway! But I had to go about 28 miles through constant red lights with every other vehicle that had to exit the freeway.
This day has been very stressful! My jaw hurts from clenching it, my back hurts from being tense, I am exhausted and would love to just dissolve in a puddle and cry, but I won't. There are people out in the world with real problems.
I will be thankful for:
Cells phones
Nice men in cars who help when you ask questions at red lights
Fast food joints that let you use the facilities without buying something
Nice truck drivers who let you in front of them when you realize at the last minute you need to turn left at the light.
My husband who will help me find my way and not make fun of me when I freak out

I don't know what caused the problems today but I hope no one was hurt.


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Sew Create It - Jane said...

whoa - what a day! I'm impressed you made it to work...I would given up and gone home.