Sunday, January 10, 2010

300 posts? Wow!

I had no idea. I don't usually look at what post number it is so when I looked this time I was surprised.

Today Ray and I went 4-wheeling. The company that he works for owns a couple thousand acres of land near Lakeland. This land has many lakes and ponds on it and the employees and their families are allowed to use it whenever we like. Today even though the temperatures were in the 40's we went and played on the ATV. It was so much fun! I had never been on one before so this was a new adventure for me.
In the picture I have SIX layers of clothing! I'm fat, but the layers did add a bit of bulk. LOL I stayed warm except my hands.

Today is also stash report day. Nothing exciting believe me since I have been working on my scrappy star UFO.

In: 0
Out: 0


Paula said...

Whoo hoo......look at YOU!!!!! Glad you two got to act like a couple of kids today!!

Penny said...

Well that looks like fun. And congrats on the 300 posts. Also congrats on not adding anything to the stash. That is the hard part.