Thursday, January 7, 2010

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

For the furniture delivery men.
I am pacing the floors.
Will they ever arrive???

I did get new triangles cut for the scrappy star. Why is it no matter how many times I do the math I always get the size wrong the first time? This time I got it wrong twice.
 I had a thought, maybe I want to do a bit of applique. Maybe in the corners? I am looking in all of my applique books for ideas. It is a scrappy star made with my civil war repros, so I think I won't want anything formal or intricate. But I don't want anything clunky either.
Can you tell I am trying to distract myself from thinking about the furniture? LOL



Paula said...

Don't forget, you're supposed to be keeping the numbers written down for when you give us the pattern!!!

Linda said...

Yes, definitely write down the measurements for us and I love the new picture at the top of your blog!!!!