Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry...been a bit busy

I have been busy, but not with any quilting. Too bad, so sad. I have been working on the house.
Remember this wall? This is the before picture.
This is the after picture.

Can you believe it? The person who hung the navy blue wallpaper drew navy blue lines between each strip of paper. UGH! Oh well, no real biggie. I was planning on eventually painting the living room, so I will just have to move the eventual date to a much closer date.

This is the wall to the right of the previously blue wallpaper wall. There was a blue wooden frame around this and we removed that. Then we filled in the HUGE holes left by the molly bolts. Now to decide what color to paint the room. The problem is this wall that Joseph is playing Vanna with connects to my kitchen. I have to find a color that works in both places and makes me smile while not making Ray agitated?

Remember the teal colored recessed areas from this post?

Well Joseph and I got busy and removed the wallpaper from them and I like it a lot better. I was thinking about painting them red and using them to display some of my Precious Moments. I'm testing primers and colors so I will post pictures as soon as I get some results. Who knew there was so much to painting a wall?

More later,



Linda said...

Looks great!!! And at least you have something to keep you busy this weekend so you won't miss us as much.....not!!!! LOL

Laura said...

Yeah, there's always more to painting than you anticipate, but it looks so good once you are done. Just keep thinking of the end result to keep you motivated.