Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally, some good customer service!

I believe if you grump when you get bad customer service you should sing out when you get good service so here I go!

Right before Ray took the job in Florida and we were still living in Alabama we bought a new mattress and box springs from Haverty's Furniture. We paid a pretty penny for them too. I LOVED my new bed, it was so comfy and I was able to sleep more during the night.

So we have had the bed for just about a year and seven months, not very long. Ray and I both have been having issues with the bed lately, but mostly me. I would wake up with my back hurting some mornings. This went on until I was waking up every morning with a backache and Ray then said, "you know my back has been hurting too". That was enough! We went to Haverty's and explained the problem and the manager said he would get someone right on it.

Sure enough I was called before we got home that evening from customer service. I was shocked.

Anyway, a fella came out and measured my bed, and took pictures and studied the bed frame and said someone would contact me. I didn't feel real confident when he left but what was a gal to do? I was amazed when two days later my salesman called me to say "Diane, come pick out a new mattress!"

HUH? No way! Really? COOL!

I'm impressed!

Now I just have to go lay around the furniture store until I find a mattress that I like.

So, I am here to say, if you want good customer service and you are looking for furniture head on over to Haverty's and give them a shot.

Later, gotta go slip on my jammies so I can lay out on some mattresses.


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Vicki W said...

That is awesome! I love hearing good customer service stories!