Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I did and didn't do

  1. I did clean out the living room of all Christmas decorations.
  2. I did get the youngest son to put the Christmas decorations in the storage closet.
  3. I did  not eat lunch.
  4. I did finally empty and put away all of the boxes that were still in the dining room.
  5. I did vacuum every inch of carpet in the house..except the bedrooms, so maybe not every inch.
  6. I did not leave the house.
  7. I did not get to go into my sewing room all day. :^(
  8. I did make homemade pizza for supper, YUM!

Can you imagine this room with furniture in it?  As soon as the furniture arrives I will be looking for new drapes and removing the teal wallpaper in the arch above the canbinet on the right.
This is the dining room. You can still see some pictures and a box of books in the room, but they will be taken care of as soon as we decide on bookcases and hanging places.

Doesn't my treadle machine look small and lost over there by itself?  I just haven't decided where it will end up and put it there until I do. The boxes you see are from all of the electronics getting hooked up. Ray is a box saver so I sure hope the guys put them away because I am sick of boxes and I am in the mood to trash every box I see.

For some reason Blogger has set my alignment to center and I can't make it change so I will just have to go with it...
I am headed to the sewing room and hope no one (husband or son) needs anything because I am putting my earbuds in and turning up George Strait and closing the door!

PS. Blogger still hasn't replaced the spell check so if I messed up and showed my ignorance please ignore it.

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Paula said...

Eat girl, to keep up your strength. Can't wait to see pics of your new beautiful furniture in that living room. It's going to look GREAT!!!!! And, go sew! Have fun.